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Although this software is almost translated in english (serial n°1 to 4), this site is not, except this page.

To read the whole site in english, you should use the Google translation gadget upper left.

AZprocede, dynamic process simulation on PC

Free download :


AZprocede is a PC simulation software designed for chemical engineering trainings, where one can drive in real time many virtual chemical processes: pumps, heat exchangers, compressors, PID controllers, distillation and extraction columns, evaporation and crystallisation facilities, chemical reactors, refrigeration units, etc...


AZprocede is free for private use (students, individuals), ie

- installation on his personnal computer exclusively,

- use at home, not at school, university, or company location.

To take advantage of all its features, simply register by filling this form

Registering keyfile for private use will be sent by email within 1-7 days

(or see private use page in french).


Using AZprocede as part of an educational institution or company require a licence, which is not free. Contact AZprocede at to get this licence, thus encouraging developpement of the software (you can see also licence page in french).


AZprocede is developped by a french engineer/teacher. He has done the English translation of the software as is, although he's not fluent in this language. If you think you can help him in improving/finishing english translation, make an english documentation / website, or work on any other translation (spanish, dutsh), feel free to contact him at AZprocede at


Technology course in chemical engineering (added nov.2007)

Online free chemical engineering course showing many documents (photo, image) on various technical fields, in french.


Photo gallery in chemical engineering (added march 2008)

You can search by keywords, tag, you can add comments, upload your own photos and documents....

AZprocede new domain name: (added march 2008)

AZprocede mirror site: (added march.2007)

AZballes dynamic simulation of Physics / Mécanics.

AZballes is a software allowing dynamic simulations of Physics / Mecanics situations. With it, you can experiment or illustrate various things including strengths, trajectories, momentum and energy conservation, springs, etc... It is based on an engine to solve (SF=mg), solid collisions with elastic coefficient, etc..., and contains control and analysis tools.


AZballes is free for private use (students, individuals). Registering the software show your interest for it. You only need to send an email with your name and school. Registering keys are sent to you by email within 1-10 days.


Using AZballes in an enteprise, school or any other training organisation require to get a licence number, which is not free. Contact AZprocede at if you want to get a (cheap) licence for this software, thus encouraging its developpement.